Satire of Viagra ad censored by FacebookIn a closed Facebook group focused on humor, I posted a satirical Viagra ad with a couple dancing, while the female dancer is holding on to the guy’s appendage. Well FACEBOOK just deleted it for violating their community standards and blocked me from posting for 24 hours. Even though the warning said things that depict nudity of a satirical nature are ALLOWED. It’s not even a photo, it’s a drawing.

Facebook gives no chance to refute. Just instant sentencing. A friend agrees, “It’s ridiculous! They installed some auto recognition software and it’s so stupid. Welcome to 1984.” Fuck you, Facebook. Your capricious and arbitrary censorship has its consequences. Be likewise warned. This billion dollar social networking company can disintegrate and crumble just as fast as it rose.

Report: Facebook Censorship Designed To Prevent ‘Exclusion’