Just for Fun

Lili Añel

released April 6, 2006


Lili Añel: lead vocals, background vocals,
acoustic guitar
Matt Balitsaris: acoustic guitar, electric
guitar, synth programming, insignificant
percussion, and hand claps
Jeff Berman: drums, percussion, midi-vibes
Paul Adamy: bass
Joey Cardello: congas, pandero, cuica on Tonight:
congas on Dance The Life, djembe on Let Her Go
Mark Egan: bass on Love Is It
Robert Een: cello on I Still Have You
Brian Mitchell: accordion on Never Ever Say It
Barbara Añel: background vocals
Cornelius Bumpus: saxophone on Tonight and
Baby When?
Matthew Kofo Ayanfowora: djembe on Let Her Go,
talking drum on On The Run

All songs ©1993/2005 Lili Añel Twin Two Music B.M.I
except the Wrong Time ©1993 Barbara Añel
Twin Two Music B.M.I.

Love Is It ©1993 Lili Añel/Linda Zecchino
Twin Two Music B.M.I

Dance The Life ©1993 Lili Añel/Reuben Slater
Twin Two Music B.M.I

Bonus Tracks:
The Wrong Time, Over You, The Way Out recorded live in Philadelphia 2005 and 2006.

Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious

Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious

Mary Poppins meets Donald Trump, in this song with lyrics by Austin folksinger Steve Brooks. Thanks to Andy Corwin for producing the video, and Internet satirist Randy Rainbow for the title.

If you’re Mexican or Muslim,
You’ll pray for his defeat.
But he might be up your alley
If you’re into wearing sheets.
Ladies, you will find him
The most sensitive of males.
He’ll help you find employment
With his buddy, Roger Ailes.

He’s Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious.
Every word escapes his lips is something quite atrocious.
Could it be Tourette’s or simply verbal halitosis?
Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious.

Trump did a little diddle. Trump did a lie.
Trump did a little diddle. Trump did a lie.

He never met a dictator
He didn’t seem to like.
They’re giving him ideas
For the rise of the Fourth Reich.
He’s tweeting Mussolini,
He’s singing Putin’s tune.
He’s jealous of the people skills
Of Comrade Kim Jong-Un.

He’s Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious.
Psychiatrists are arguing about his diagnosis.
Paranoid Delusional or Borderline Psychosis?
Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious.

Trump did a little diddle. Trump did a lie.
Trump did a little diddle. Trump did a lie.
Trump did a little diddle. Trump did a lie.
Trump did a little diddle. Trump did a lie.

He’s got a snarky nickname
For each and every foe.
“Lyin’ Ted” and “Crooked Hillary” –
I guess he oughta know.
But perhaps I should be kinder.
It seems a bit unfair
To judge a man until you’ve walked
A mile in his hair.

He’s Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious
American democracy has got a dim prognosis.
It’s either on bad acid or a case of mass hypnosis.
Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious.
His finger on the button hands the world back to the roaches…
Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious!

Facebook: Fuck You and Your Arbitrary Censorship

Satire of Viagra ad censored by FacebookIn a closed Facebook group focused on humor, I posted a satirical Viagra ad with a couple dancing, while the female dancer is holding on to the guy’s appendage. Well FACEBOOK just deleted it for violating their community standards and blocked me from posting for 24 hours. Even though the warning said things that depict nudity of a satirical nature are ALLOWED. It’s not even a photo, it’s a drawing.

Facebook gives no chance to refute. Just instant sentencing. A friend agrees, “It’s ridiculous! They installed some auto recognition software and it’s so stupid. Welcome to 1984.” Fuck you, Facebook. Your capricious and arbitrary censorship has its consequences. Be likewise warned. This billion dollar social networking company can disintegrate and crumble just as fast as it rose.

Report: Facebook Censorship Designed To Prevent ‘Exclusion’


How Capicola Became Gabagool

Orchard Street Little ItalyExcellent article about the Italian slang expressions I grew up hearing and speaking. Since I was 4 years old my dad took me to an Italian barbershop in New City, owned by Napolitanos, and we lived on a street in between 6 Italian households. When I tested my ancestry DNA to discover my mystery great-grandpa was Italian, it all made sense. How Capicola Became Gabagool.

The new Petersen Museum on Wilshire is finished.

It’s officially opening in December 2015. See the Petersen website for details.

Petersen Automotive Museum

Goats in Trees

Someone said they couldn’t do it. They said, “Baaaaaa!!”

Goats in Tree in Morocco


Does anyone else love malapropisms?

Does anyone else love malapropisms? No, that’s not an erection that won’t go away. That’s a priapism. Someone posted today, “it’s all smoking mirrors!” Well, look out Snow White. That mirror may be deadly. My favorite was when someone described his “self defecating sense of humor.” I’ve heard of people wetting themselves when they laugh, but …

  • So, this is just a hypodermical situation.
  • My sister is a flamingo dancer.
  • He had to use a fire distinguisher.
  • The monster is just a pigment of my imagination.
  • He’s a wolf in cheap clothing.
  • Michelangelo painted the Sixteenth Chapel.
  • My sister has extra-century perception.
  • It’s not rocket surgery.
  • I only drink for municipal purposes.

Qu’est-ce que c’est que ça?!

Qu’est-ce que c’est que ça?! The inflatable sculpture in Paris looks oddly like a giant sex toy.


Le Grand Butt Plug

This is the same artist’s previous work, in Hong Kong, which strangely looks like a giant pile of SHIT:

Looks like POOP

Brown Bear Cubs in Kodiak

Pasta la Vista, Barilla!

CEO Guido Barilla said, “I have no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose.”
Really, so it’s better for kids to languish in orphanages and foster homes?

The rest follows:
“We have a slightly different culture, for us, the ‘sacral family’ remains one of the company’s core values. Our family is a traditional family. If gays like our pasta and our advertisings, they will eat our pasta; if they don’t like that, they will eat someone else’s pasta. You can’t always please everyone not to displease anyone. I would not do a commercial with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect toward homosexuals – who have the right to do whatever they want without disturbing others – but because I don’t agree with them, and I think we want to talk to traditional families. The women are crucial in this.” He also stated that, while he has respect for gay marriage, “I have no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose.”

Pasta la Vista, Barilla!Soon after the comments were made, many people took to Twitter and started calling for a boycott against Barilla products. Alessandro Zan, a gay rights campaigner and MP in the left-wing S.E.L. (Sinistra Ecologia Libertà) party, said as a result of the speech he would be boycotting Barilla products and called on other parliamentarians to follow his example. The chairman of Equality Italia, Aurelio Mancuso, accused Barilla of being deliberately provocative, and added: “Accepting the invitation of Barilla’s owner to not eat his pasta, we are launching a boycott campaign against all his products.”

Guido later apologized by saying, “I apologize if my words generated misunderstandings or arguments, or if they offended the sensibilities of some people. In the interview I simply wished to underline the central role the woman plays within the family.”

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