Visiting Holly’s Gravesite at Hollywood Forever

Brian and his friend Fr. Jamie St Anthony visit the gravesite of their dear friend, Holly Woodlawn, on the first anniversary of her death, at Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Holly Woodlawn's final resting place at Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles

The Supreme Court hears Prop 8

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday on Proposition 8, the law voters passed in 2008 banning same-sex marriage in California. Listen to the oral arguments in the case known as Hollingsworth v. Perry.

Enjoyed laughing with Lily, Bruce and Hal Last Night

Last night’s fund-raising event for California assembly candidate, Torie Osborn, at the Directors Guild in West Hollywood was packed with smiling supporters. Legendary performing artist, Lily Tomlin, effortlessly entertained the capacity crowd with her iconic characterization of former telephone operator Ernestine Tomlin, now working for a claim denying HMO. Bruce Vilanch spilled delicious witticisms about his time working with movie star Mae West, early in his Hollywood career as a comedy writer. Hal Sparks ramped up the energy within a fast-paced, highly polished standup routine to finish off the evening. The audience was in stitches. Thanks to my pal, renowned radio show host Cary Harrison, for inviting me.

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